RRB Ahmedabad Result 2019: RRB NTPC Result Date, Check Now

RRB Ahmedabad Result 2019

The Railway Recruitment Board, Ahmedabad has declared additional results for various posts including Assistant Loco Pilot, Junior Engineer, Junior Clerk cum typist, and final result for various NTPC graduate posts against CEN No. 01/2019, such as Commercial Apprentice (Cat. No. 1), Traffic Apprentice (Cat. No. 2), Goods Guard (Cat. No. 4) and Assistant Station Master (Cat. No. 7).

The selection for the NTPC graduate posts has been done based on the performances in both the stages in the Computer Based Test (CBT), where – the first CBT conducted from 28/03/2019 to 05/05/2019 and the second CBT from 17/01/2019 to 19/05/2019; and in the Aptitude test, conducted on 30/06/2019. The selection process after the completion of the above tests is followed by verification conducted from 28/08/2019 to 26/09/2019 and genuineness of the candidate conducted from 09/10/2019 to 11/10/2019.

All the selected candidates are being referred to the General Manager of the Western Railway, Churchgate, Mumbai.


Commercial Apprentice (Cat. no.1)

A total of 29 candidates are selected under different categories, with seven candidates under the UR category, eight under OBC category, two under the SC, and the remaining twelve under the PH (OH) categories.

Traffic Apprentice post (Cat. No. 2)

A total of 49 candidates have been shortlisted with thirty candidates under the UR category, sex under the OBC category, nine candidates under the SC and rest four candidates under the ST categories.

Goods Guard post (Cat. No. 4)

Two hundred and fifty-one candidates selected with the UR category holding majority candidates with 13, fifty-four candidates under the OBC category, forty-four under the SC category by withholding one vacancy and twenty-three candidates under the ST category, also withholding one vacancy.

Assistant Station Master post (Cat. No. 7)

241 candidates have been selected under the UR category withholding one vacancy, 119 candidates under the OBC category with one vacancy withheld, 73 candidates under the SC category keeping one vacancy withheld and 44 candidates from the ST category also withholding one vacancy, resulting in the total 447 candidates selection including the vacancies.

Cut-off Percentage

The cut-off percentage for the Commercial Apprentice post for the categories at an average range from 70% to 91% depending on the type of the exam. And for the post of Traffic Apprentice, the cut of percentage ranges from 68% to 86% on an average but varies with the category of the candidate.


For the Goods Guard post, the average cut off percentage ranges from 58% to 80%, varying across the candidates’ category. And the cutoff percentage for the Assistant Station Master post is the least, ranging from 40 to 45 percent which varies for each category of the candidate.


However, the empanelment of the above selected and enlisted candidates is purely provisional, and they are required to go through medical tests and antecedent verification and various other processes at the end for the final decision of selection.

The appointment letters to the selected candidates will be issued by the Western Railway.

Either due to the limited number of posts of the choice of the unselected candidate or due to non-qualification in Aptitude or the Typing Skill Test, the candidates may not be shortlisted for document verification even after scoring above the prescribed cut off marks.

Commercial Apprentice – NCR89.2774187.7258382.0000075.7222374.52591—-78.35805—-
Commercial Apprentice – NR—-—-—-—-—-—-79.35745—-
Traffic Apprentice – NCR85.7869282.2847777.1426872.0290866.40822—-78.42293—-
Traffic Apprentice – NR84.7182583.2415375.9788169.9686367.40123—-78.14268—-
Enquiry-cum-Reservation Clerk – NCR87.2577685.0000082.1809471.5100972.8872275.5594377.07321—-
Enquiry-cum-Reservation Clerk – NR—-—-—-—-—-66.9444476.43947—-
Goods Guard – NCR80.9968580.3826873.6111168.0898161.90667—-70.0136868.40294
Goods Guard – NR81.2100580.7233473.5632467.5657561.74341—-—-—-
Junior Accounts Assistant-cum-Typist – NCR90.17083—-82.0374175.84726—-—-80.27691—-
Senior Clerk-cum-Typist – DLW—-—-77.5000073.6544764.1666765.76585—-—-
Senior Clerk-cum-Typist – NCR91.6525889.2079379.2741375.68556—-66.8333377.4000165.25623
Senior Clerk-cum-Typist – NR—-88.07508—-73.51009—-69.65141—-—-
Assistant Station Master – NCR78.7739877.1779972.2106668.3296453.05018—-68.91044—-
Assistant Station Master – NR77.6552978.0892873.3891969.3110252.98999—-69.10828—-

Other Results

Four candidates from OH and VH categories have been selected for the junior clerk cum typist post as against the employment notice no. 01/2019 and are suitable for appointment against the Replacement panel.

Only one candidate from the SC category has been shortlisted for the post of Junior Engineer C & W Cat. 35 against the employment notice no. CEN 01/2019 and it may be rectified due to an inadvertent error. Also, five candidates have been shortlisted for the post of Assistant Loco Pilot as against the employment notice no. 1/2018-2019 GDCE/Mech. Deptt with one candidate under the UR category and four candidates under the ST category who are provisionally suitable against the replacement panel.

Adding to the other results, 14 candidates and only from the UR category have been shortlisted for the post of Assistant Loco Pilot Cat. 1 as against the employment notice no. CEN 01/2019, who are provisionally suitable for appointment.

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