Privacy Policy


1.1. We are devoted to protecting the privacy of our audience, and this privacy policy statement will explain to you how we use your information.

1.2.  We’d like you to accept our websites cookie usage as per this policy when it’s your first time on our website.  By accepting this policy, you’re agreeing to our cookie usage as per the conditions of this privacy policy. To know more about cookies – please visit this link.

Privacy Policy – Personal Information Collection

2.1. By agreeing to this policy, you’re allowing us to collect the following types of information-

–  (a) Complete information about your visit as well as the use of our website, your computer, and network collection. [This includes, IP address, referral source, browser, location, page views, length of your visit, and navigation paths of the website]

– (b) Information that you provide on our website for the purpose of registering yourself. [General information about you, including your email address.]

– (c) All the information that you provide on our website while registering yourself for our Newsletter or Email Notifications. [General information about you, including your email address.]

– (d)  All the information that you provide on your website for making any purchase of our services, or goods.   [This will include all the information about the transactions you make for the purpose of purchasing the services or goods]

– (e)  All the information that you post on our website for the purpose of publication over the internet. [Including general information about you and the content that you want to post.]

– (f) All the information related to the communication that you make with our website or us. [Including all the communication data as well as all the metadata that is related to the communication]

2.2 If you want to disclose any personal information of someone else, you need the permission of that person and also make sure that the person agrees with the privacy policy of our website.

Personal Information Application

3.1 All the personal information disclosed by you on our website will only be used as per this privacy policy, or by the conditions that are separately mentioned on the website pages.

3.2 We can use your information for the below-mentioned reasons-

-(a) Administering our business and website;

-(b) Allow you to use the services on our website;

-(c) Send you the goods that you purchased or services that you purchased through the website;

-(d) Personalization of the website

-(e) Send invoices, payment reminders, and statements to you;

-(f) Collect payments;

-(g) Send Newsletter and Email Notifications if you’ve registered yourself for these services;

-(h) Send marketing communication related to our website/business, as well as other related websites/businesses that you might find interesting. This can be done through the post, or email, if you’ve registered your email on our website;

-(i) Prevent fraud and keep the website secure;

-(j) Deal with the complaints and inquiries made about or by you associated with the website;

3.3 We will only use the personal information provided by you on our website for the purpose of publication, we will publish the same or use it as per the license you provide us.

3.4 You can use the privacy settings to choose the extent of exposure to your publication on the website.

3.5 We will never give your personal information without your consent, to a third party that is willing to use it for their or another third party’s marketing.

3.6 All the financial transactions that you make on our website are handled by our payment service partners. We will only provide them with the information that is required for the transaction, refunding, as well as information about the transaction and refunding process.